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“Never confuse motion with action” — Ben Franklin

“To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.” – Benjamin Franklin”


Marketing, Communications, Public Relations and

 Health Care

Our services are ample, so let us quickly begin to quantify our valuable offerings to you, with a common sense and equitable approach.

In keeping with the Franklin tradition of word-smithing, Benfrankliv! brings considerable talent and creativity in assisting you with our outsourcing endeavors. Press releases, extolling the virtues of your tremendous company, hallmarks of what we do from our award-winning writing team. Among our awards are: feature writing and advertorial writing. In writing for television, we’ve received acclaim in the broadcast arena as well.

Press releases are a key component of educating your target audience about your programs, people and services. Being savvy with a press release, when to right one and how to write it so that media outlets are prompted to utilize it, are attributes that we can bring to light for you.

We cannot underestimate the importance of the implementation of a solid public relations and media relations strategy to enrich your overall advertising plan. Developing a level of trust with members of the media is a time investment strategy well spent.

Being responsive to media questions soon open the doors to your “pitch” when you have a story idea which would inform your audience that assists in creating top of mind awareness.

Health care is a breed of cat all it’s own. It’s a specialty which demands those who you are partnering with, to have an understanding of physician recruitment, how to grow a physician’s practice and a knowledge of “what works” when it comes to marketing your hospital, physician practice or health care facility.

We can offer you that key assistance, which will help you tell the story of your institution. From ad campaigns, big media pitches and hits to marketing health and wellness, we can assist those needs.

Should you require the services of voice-over talent, we can provide you a corporate voice, or even someone who can execute character voices. Hearing a sample or two is just a click away. In the event of a crisis, we possess experts in crisis communication strategies, and have received excellent training and experience in this area.

You’ve heard the mantra: If you fail to plan, plan to fail. Benfrankliv! can assist you in strategies for the 21st century: Branding, action plans, public relations and media relations - all worthwhile capabilities which will help your business to flourish.

Price Investment: Any prudent business person will wish to know the cost of services rendered or goods provided. Prices will be determined on a per-project basis (e.g. an ad campaign), or on a per hour basis. After a discussion of your noble project, we can collectively, most accurately ascertain the price. We don’t believe in “one-and-done” in our relationships with our friends and neighbors.

We believe in cultivating strong partnerships in the communities where we practice “servant leadership.” Our success is dependent upon yours!

“Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.” – Benjamin Franklin

Services List

Marketing, Communications, Public Relations and Health Care

Benfrankliv! is the “Alpha” & the “Omega” for Marketing & Communications strategies. Once we have an understanding of your operational goals and objectives, we can quickly identify the means by which we achieve your ends. Our skilled staff can quickly and creatively craft something as simple (but no less important) as a press release, to an entire communications strategy.

● Press Releases: In keeping with the legendary Franklin tradition of word-smithing, Benfrankliv! Brings considerable talent and creativity in assisting you with your outsourcing endeavors. Press releases, extolling the virtues of your company, programs and people, are hallmarks of what we do from our award-winning writing team.

● The Marketplace needs to know about the people, programs and services of your company or organization. We can guide you in when to write a release, who your target audience may be (who to send it to) and pitch the release for you if need be.

● Public Relations: PR could be defined as “getting caught in the act” of doing something well. Our job as a partner with you, is to identify those accomplishments and broaden the scope of who knows about it. This is done through creating a strategy, being aware of the opportunities and executing the plan.

● Crisis Communications: There are those times when the media has a story they plan to run with and its news that you could do without having on television, radio or print or other outlets. This is the time when you need a strategy to defend your company and ensure that you are fairly represented.

Our team can partner with you to strategize and develop the best action plan in a short amount of time and execute it. This would include one of our team being a spokesperson for your organization, and/or coaching others who would expect to be interviewed.

● Media Relations: Building a strong relationship with local, regional and even national media outlets are key to a marketing and communications plan. We can help. Being responsive to media inquiries in a timely fashion, and identifying positive stories within your organization, and pitching them, is a speciality Benfrankliv! personnel can provide.

● Healthcare Marketing specialty - Marketing for a hospital, a clinic or other health care type organization is unlike most other industries. It involves a sensitivity to physician interests, particularly by equitably assisting them in building their practices. Benfrankliv! has experience in this regard, and can take your organization to the next level.

● ResearchKnowing where you are in the Marketplace is a sound beginning to design an effective plan moving forward. Engage us in a partnership that we can correctly assess you in the marketplace.

● SWOT analysis: Organizational marketing and operational opportunities may be effectively broken down by studying: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in the Marketplace. Benfrankliv! has been involved with putting together Rapid Deployment Strategies to get and keep organizations on the right path to operational success.

● Corporate Voice Overs & Character VoicesWe also can assist in your “on-hold” telephone marketing programs!

● Audiobooks: Our voice-over artists are skilled at providing the pacing and credibility you need to make an impact for your audience.

“It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.” – Benjamin Franklin


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“Well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin

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